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Nichi Yorozuya

Terraform with Fedora CoreOS

what if a reinstallation is required


As far as I understand the sole purpose of cloud-init or user-data scripts is to do early initialization of instances. From that perspective, it may not make sense to use it as a way to re-provision or re-configure instances since that’s what tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansiable and Salt are for. Terraform was thought out as a way of creating and destroying infrastructure resources, and resource immutability is all over the place.

       然而Fedora CoreOS这样的immutable system的加入改变了这一现状,我们不再需要ansible/puppet或是其他的配置管理工具,而terraform,很遗憾,尚未对此作出相应的改变。我们所需求的特性即是:在资源特定元数据改变时,重新初始化资源,而非重新创建。幸运的是,terraform提供了provisioner与null resource,他们可以实现这一行为。


resource "null_resource" "reinstall" {
  triggers = {
    user_data = <provider>_server.server.user_data
  provisioner "local-exec" {
    command = "curl <api call to reinstall the given server>/${<provider>}"