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Nichi Yorozuya


Nick Cao
Golang / Nix{,OS} / Backend
An imperfect perfectionist
NOC of AS209297


Mail: [email protected]
GPG Key: A1E513A77CC0D91C8806A4EB068A56CEF48FA2C1


An independently operated research network
PeeringDB RIPEstat


Nix is a tool that takes a unique approach to package management and system configuration 最近从Arch Linux换到了NixOS,一个非FHS的发行版,也借此机会写下本文,表达一些我对Nix的拙见。首先何为Nix:在通常的视角看来他是一个包管理工具,与dpkg、rpm或是pacman并无二致,但是在我看来,他是一个构建工具,更加偏向于GNU Make或者Ba

GPG key rollover from DF028C15 to F48FA2C1

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 我,当前时间(Wed Nov 11 12:47:37 PM CST 2020)下邮件地址[email protected]的持有者 已弃用ID为09CC69622E8D4EE343B4E8954D0BA456DF028C15的gpg密钥 启用ID为A1E513A77CC0D91C8806A4EB068A56CEF48FA2C1的新

Terraform with Fedora CoreOS

what if a reinstallation is required 此文为上文的一点补充。 As far as I understand the sole purpose of cloud-init or user-data scripts is to do early initialization of instances. From that perspective, it may not make sense to use it as a way to re-provision or re-configure instances since that’s what tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansiable and Salt are for. Terraform was thought out as a way of creating and destroying infrastructure resources, and resource immutability is all over the place. 然而Fedora CoreOS这样的immutable system的加入改变了这一现状,我们不再需要ansible/pup